Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you everyone!

I know you have been hearing this a lot lately from me, but I do not mean to have these days where I can't get on. My car was hit by a drunk driver over the weekend, luckily I was not in it though. Fortunately the guy had insurance...I am glad to see all of you are still supporting and I really appreciate that! So thank you!

Anyways I thought I would share this with you guys to show you that you are awesome!


Djoni Vejn said...

nice :)

Freshman said...

nice vid :p

KnightOnlineGoldMaker said...

Your awesome!

hotfluffypankake said...

Well, yes. I AM awesome.
But did you know YOU'RE awesome?
That's right,
I'll be the first to tell you-
Oop! Nope! Neeevermind,
Someone's said that before me.
But guess what?
Now TWO people think you're awesome
And how awesome is THAT?
(sorry. tired. vid's inspirational.)
(but you really are awesome, bro.)