Friday, October 1, 2010

Stinkbugs, Protest the Hero and Fridays, oh my!

I hate these things
I am just going to ramble on here for a bit - first off I would like to mention that I hate these stinkbugs. Anyone else have them? (stupid question, I know you do.) They're on campus, around my house and in my car. I am sick of them!
"The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), an insect not previously seen on our continent, was apparently accidentally introduced into eastern Pennsylvania." (source)
So...what they're saying is someone either brought them in when they were traveling...or when an import of whatever came in it happened to have these guys on board....great!

Anyways, if anyone is following Protest the Hero, here is a studio update they recently released. I am a fan of their work, but do they love to procrastinate. Their last album, Fortress (2008) was incredible, the guitar work and composition of it was just great. I understand they do their own thing and I respect that, but it is going to hit three years here pretty soon and still no album? I am just glad to hear they are back in the studio and I am looking forward to it!

Once again, I just want to thank everyone for the continued support and I hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

'100 percent' chance for life on newly found planet?

 For people that have been coming to my blog, I am sorry for the lack of information on some of my posts. Basically my last few posts have been regurgitated internet media. But today, is different! And you read that title correctly!

An artist rendering shows the four inner planets of the Gliese 581 system and their host star.

Woah, what? Finally - a plant that could sustain life? No way!

Astronomers from the University of California and the Carnegie Institute of Washing have found a plant with similar characteristics to ours. Under the creative name of "Gliese 581g" this planet is roughly about 20 light years away from other words 120 trillion miles. The astronomers say that this planet is about three times the size of Earth with similar gravitational properties.
"Scientists say the highest average temperature is about -12 degrees Celcius (10 Fahrenheit), but they point out that the planet doesn't have a night and day - one side continually faces the star and the other side faces the darkness of space. This means one side is blazing hot and the other freezing cold." 
It seems like there could be a spot where the temperature is "just right" to sustain life. I think that this is a remarkable discovery and I can't wait for more information.

Link to the source: here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is a short from Egoraptor - a flash film animator and I am sure many other things I am unaware of. Many of his animations include some sort of play on a video game, whether that be a character, a level, or even the plot Egoraptor manages to find a way to make fun of it - no matter what. So instead of putting up one of his Gears of War or Resident Evil shorts, I put up a game just about everyone can relate to - Pac-man. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you everyone!

I know you have been hearing this a lot lately from me, but I do not mean to have these days where I can't get on. My car was hit by a drunk driver over the weekend, luckily I was not in it though. Fortunately the guy had insurance...I am glad to see all of you are still supporting and I really appreciate that! So thank you!

Anyways I thought I would share this with you guys to show you that you are awesome!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halo: Reach live action trailer

I recently just saw this, and I am not aware of how many others have stumbled upon this but it is pretty good! I really hope that Bungie or Microsoft (or whoevers jurisdiction its under) decides to make a full-length motion picture some day! I think it would be really cool - certainly better than the Doom movie...